8th January, 2007

Extra songs NOW added to London's Hot n Gold!!!!

Since the release of Natalie's US 2006 IMA Country Song of the Year winning track 'I Don't Want To Live Like That' on London's Hot n Gold internet radio, 3 more tracks have been added from her excellent album 'Yesterday's Makeup' and USA and Canadian self-titled release.
To view Natalie's photo and read the article about the new songs that have been added please visit www.hotngold.co.uk and click onto 'Dave Schmidt's Super Top 10 Country Hits' and 'NEW!onHOT'N'GOLD' and scroll down. You can listen to Hot n Gold by visiting their website and clicking onto HOTnGOLD LIVE logo.
To Request 'The Long Night', 'Is It Just Me', 'I Can't' and 'I Don't Want To Live Like That' please e-mail studio@hotngold.co.uk
From London Town to your Town!!