6th April, 2007
Congratulations Natalie - 'I Can't is #1 !!

The song with which Natalie won the Musicoz CMC Best Country Artist Award in Australia has reached the #1 spot on The Z Country Top 10 . The Musicoz Awards is Australia's Premier Award for Independent Artists. ..

This beautiful ballad, co-written by Natalie with Brian Maher, also won the Open Ballad Category of the Tasmania & New Zealand Songwriting Awards and is receiving airplay in England and Europe.

Natalie has several other tracks from her successful debut album 'Yesterday's Makeup' and USA 'self-titled' release receiving strong support on Ison Live Radio International Network.  'Is It Just Me', 'Intoxicated', and 'Are You For Real'  have been voted into World Indie Top 40 Countdown with 'Is It Just Me' reaching #6.  'Are You For Real' has been featured on World Outback - Big Country and the #1 hit 'I Can't' in Late Night Country.  

To Vote, Request and Listen to Natalie's music please visit www.isonliveradio.com

For more information about the #1 song please read previous news articles.

Thank You everyone for your votes and requests.